Mihailo Alić

Education, work, art, and play are so intertwined in my life, that at times they seem indistinguishable. Mission just came as a consequence. Below is my biography, not a CV written in search of a job.

MISSION : Pioneering new technologies, past 39 years:

2022. Alić family tree from 1830: http://www.ultrahome.in.rs/nadgrobni/rodoslovAlica.html

2022. Serbian first digital remembrance for ordinary people: http://www.ultrahome.in.rs/memoria

2021. Serbian / world first beer crown caps research: http://www.ultrahome.in.rs/crowncaps/chronology

2021. strategy board game Nine men's morris (Mica in Serbian) extended to accomodate 3 or 4 players instead of just 2 http://www.ultrahome.in.rs/crowncaps/mica++.html

2021. Serbian fastest growing (1000 caps in 2 months) and most organized and documented bottle / crown caps collection http://www.ultrahome.in.rs/crowncaps

2020. Serbian first web collection and independent research of krajputaši tombstones: http://www.ultrahome.in.rs/nadgrobni
interactive digital 3D model gallery: https://sketchfab.com/ultrahome
collection of digital 3D tombstones in Serbia and Bosnia: https://sketchfab.com/ultrahome/collections/tombstones-in-serbia-nadgrobni-spomenici

2019. Serbian first masculist equality NGO "Guardians of equality" http://www.ultrahome.in.rs/muska/cuvariRavnopravnosti.html

2018. and 2019. Serbian first official statistics based and illustrated books of feminism critique www.ultrahome.in.rs/muska/knjige19.html, and articles they include (in Serbian): www.ultrahome.in.rs/muska/tekstovi.html

2017. Serbian first Male studies www.ultrahome.in.rs/muska/studije

2017. Serbian first Men's rights web site  www.ultrahome.in.rs/muska and Facebook group and pages: https://www.facebook.com/groups/glaszamuskarce/

2017. Serbian first artificial human (android, synthetic human) web site  www.ultrahome.in.rs/android

Author of 3 synthetic aquariums:
2017. with robotic fish www.youtube.com/user/ultrahome5/videos
1994. VR aquarium www.evl.uic.edu/alic/vr.html
1983. as a video installation

2014. Serbian first applications for commercial humanoid robots (biomorphic toy robots)
(a) as fitness instructors:
(b) as math instructor:

2005. Serbian first speed-dating social club BGveze, www.ultrahome.in.rs/upoznavanje

2004. Serbian first restaurant reservation and info web site, www.ultrahome.in.rs/restorani

2002. Serbian first IKEA web site and e-commerce portal, www.ultrahome.in.rs

2001. accepted into the Master of Science in Epidemiology program at UCLA

2001. Serbian first e-book publisher, www.ultrahome.in.rs/ugopublish

2000. Digital photography, early adopter, 1.2 Megapixel Agfa camera, www.ultrahome.in.rs/artmix

1999. Serbian first Human cloning supporter, http://www.humancloning.org/mihailo.htm

1994. Serbian first Master of Science in the field of Virtual reality

1993. Internet early adopter, web site at UIC, Chicago, www.evl.uic.edu/alic
(An early adopter is a person who embraces new technology before most other people do)

1989. Yugoslav Airlines Training center, founder of the studio for production of training videos

1983. the youngest participant of VIDEO CD, Ljubljana, the first international video art festival in Yugoslavia

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Coursera, online courses
Field Of Study: Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning
Grade: Statement of Accomplishment with Distinction
Dates attended: 2013. - 2014.

University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) :
Master of Fine Art (MFA) in Electronic Visualization, 1995., www.evl.uic.edu/alic
Master of Science (MS) in Computer Science, 1994.

University of Belgrade:
Bachelor of Science (BS) in Electrical Engineering, 1983.

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12/2001. – present : founder and CEO of internet based businesses -
UltraHome, BGtheatres, BGrestaurants, ... : www.ultrahome.in.rs

2011. - 2014. RC toys (collecting, + servis and sales) www.ultrahome.in.rs/rc
and biomorphic toy robots: www.ultrahome.in.rs/roboti

2001. : the first YUGO ePublisher www.ultrahome.in.rs/ugopublish

7/2000. - 11/2001. : Instructor, City College of San Francisco, Computer Learning Centers, San Francisco, California
- teaching Internet Programming, Java, Introduction to programming (C++)

1999. - 2000. :
- web programming, digital photography www.ultrahome.in.rs/artmix
- Crohn's disease epidemiology: PubMed      GastroYU      Gut article    

7/97. - 9/98. : Sales Engineer, DIVISION Inc., San Mateo, California
- customer support and demo / benchmark application writing

9/96. - 5/97. : Sales Engineer, Sense8, Mill Valley, California
- customer support and 'proof of concept' application writing

10/94 - 8/96 : Research Associate, Institute for Simulation and Training (IST), Orlando, Florida
- lead or support programmer for Virtual Reality applications
- technical and video documentation of projects
- customer contacts and demonstrations

1994. : Research Assistant, Electronic Visualization Lab (EVL) at UIC

1993. : Teaching Assistant for Computer Graphics class at UIC

1986 - 1991  : Test equipment Engineer, Computer aided training Manager, Yugoslav Airlines, Belgrade

1979 – 1984 : Journalist, photo / video art and freelancing, Belgrade, Yugoslavia

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2020. interactive digital 3D models gallery: https://sketchfab.com/ultrahome

2013. - 2014. robotic theatre and short dramatic films www.youtube.com/user/ultrahome5/videos

1999. gender equality poetry http://www.ultrahome.in.rs/muska/textsEnglish.html
1999. - 2000. digital photography
1997. Tubular furniture - "reduce, reuse" www.ultrahome.in.rs/artmix

1992. - 1996. computer graphics and virtual reality 7 days a week at EVL and IST:
featured in "The Best New Animation Design", Rockport Publishers, January 1996.
"Art & Technology", Orlando Museum of Art, September 1995.
Master of Fine Art graduation show, University of Illinois at Chicago, www.evl.uic.edu/alic, July 1995. 
SIGGRAPH94, Orlando, collaboration on the CitySpace project
"Cave Art", UIC, Virtual Aquarium environment, April 1994.

1989. - 1991. Yugoslav Airlines, training video and computer graphics

1984. Gallery supported One Man Show of "Home Video Installations", including projection of other video tapes and lecture, Student Cultural Center (SKC), Belgrade www.arhivaskc.org.rs/hronografije-programa/likovni-program/14-1984/465-4-april-1984-mihailo-alic-video-radovi-1982-1984.html

1983. The youngest participant of the international video art festival "Video CD 83", Ljubljana, Yugoslavia

1980 - 1982 Art and freelance photography and video featured in several shows on national TV ("Petkom u 22")

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going out: theatre and film premiers and festivals, opening and award nights, cocktail parties, art exhibitions, concerts, book and poetry readings

languages: English for 55 years, with 10 years spent in the U.S., Spanish spoke in 2015. and German in 1983., passive understanding of French and Italian

sports: scuba diving, bicycling, walking, hiking, canyoneering, rafting, swimming, ice skating, skiing, tennis, badminton, table tennis, table football, billiard, traveling

TV and Internet: National Geographic, science, nature and history HD channels, 24kitchen, Futurism, Space exploration

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