pump it up!

Reduce, reuse - slogans of the nineties are well reflected in Mihailo Alic's tubular furniture design. Reuse of automotive tires and inner tubes became his passion. Ideal furniture for the garden, pool or studio and also as an art piece for more contemporary environments. According to the author, "the most comfortable furniture I've ever sat on". Endlessly reconfigurable, one can change the design as often as they want. Mihailo will deliver and install, also brainstorm with you on new designs.

Whether you need a lounge chair, love seat or just an ottoman, he has a design to offer. Tires make up a solid base for the piece, while tubes provide cushions. These two elements contrast and complement each other in firmness, roughness and texture. If black is too limiting for you, a custom color design can be arranged. To find out more about pump it up furniture please send us an e-mail.

Caribbean travel arranged by Jim Serfass, graphics designer

a love seat and an ottoman
love seat bare bones
disclaimer: all this is just a prototype and a creative outlet (not intended for sale)

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