San Francisco stained glass church windows

As a photographer / collector I have started on a project to capture the beauty of stained glass windows in the city where I live. The list of churches is growing every day, and I am working on securing their permissions to make this art available to people outside of their parish. I am printing the photographs on transparencies on a high resolution ink jet printer, and usually composing them from several shots so I can get a lot of detail and bigger format. My standard format is 10" X 16", but no two pieces are the same size. Since many windows are narrow and tall, 10" X 40" is the other usual format. Transparencies are mounted between two sheets of plexiglass, sealed with a black tape as a frame and hung on a clear string in front of a window at home. Although it is a simulated stained glass, resolution is quite good, and it is indistinguishable from the original (the size is smaller) when viewed from anywhere in the room. For the night time, these simulated stained glass images can be used as night lights if placed in front of a light box.

Finally, here is the list of churches I visited so far:

St. John the Baptist Serbian Orthodox Church, San Francisco
St. John's Presbyterian, San Francisco
St. Luke Episcopal Church, San Francisco
St. Patrick's Catholic Church, San Francisco

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