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1. Can I take an e-book to bed as comfortably as a p-book (printed book)?
Yes, an inexpensive Pocket PC (HP Jornada 525) for less than $200 can provide that, along with other features of a PC and a PDA / organizer. Although a Pocket PC offers less than a quarter of a standard laptop screen, readability is not compromised, font can be enlarged, and the only disadvantage compared to p-books is that one needs to turn the page more often.

2. How long does it take to download your e-books, free samples and readers?
note: time has been calculated based on 56K modem
LIT format samples (we send you on your request as an e-mail attachment)    100-150 KB
PDF format samples (download from this web site)                150-250 KB    around 1 minute
LIT format e-book (bought in an e-bookstore)                           150-250 KB    around 1 minute
EBX format e-book (encrypted PDF)                                    around 450 KB    2-3 minutes
To read samples one has to have Adobe PDF Reader (if not already installed on your computer):       8.6 MB            30-35 minutes
To read e-books you need one of these two readers:                         10.3 MB            40-45 minutes                        3.6 MB            13-15 minutes

3. Is EBX the same format as PDF?
Adobe Acrobat eBook Reader (available for both PC and Mac) is slightly different from regular Adobe Acrobat Reader most people already have for reading PDF files. The difference is that eBook Reader (that reads EBX formatted books which are encrypted to protect from unauthorized copying and distribution) needs to be certified / activated and it will read only books purchased by the owner of activated copy.

4. For which languages are dictionaries and text-to-speech add-ons available for MS Reader?
Text-to-Speech add-on is available for English, French and German, while dictionaries are available for all of the above plus Italian and Spanish. All add-ons are currently free, and so is the MS Reader.

5. Can I suggest the next title that U Go Publish should publish?
Please do, click on the link above and send us your suggestion!

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