Serbian crown caps sale, collection and exchange by Mihailo Alic

I would like to offer crown cap sets from Serbia:

Set #1: 14 caps no more in circulation, $13.99

The first one was in circulation from 2006. (a slight variation from 2003. when deer was introduced on the cap) till 2009. when it was replaced by the golden one. Two red ones with a deer are special edition for 2008. giveaway "Sad ili nikad" (Now or never), while the other red one was for South African football cup in 2010. Yellow "Jelenizacija" was a giveaway in 2009. and "SAKUPI KODOVE" is from 2014. "Jelen svetlo pivo" is from 2016, it ends the period of having a deer on the cap. Year 2017. introduced new cap color - yellow, and giveaway "POGLEDAJ ISPOD" (Look under the cap). 2018. was the year of FIFA World (football) Cup and its giveaway.

Set #2: 20 caps, first 14 no more in circulation, plus 6 regular ones, $15.99


Set #3: 25 caps, first 14 no more in circulation, 6 regular ones, plus 5 latest ones (2021), $19.99


Set #4: 30 caps, first 14 no more in circulation, 6 regular ones, 5 latest ones (2021), plus most important craft beer caps: Kabinet, Tron, Crow, Dogma (In Hops We Believe), and Salto. $24.99

International postage is $6.99, domestic 100 dinars. I am accepting your orders sent to, or

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