Serbian crown caps sale, collection and exchange by Mihailo Alic

For the history and dating of Serbian beer caps of the 21st century, please refere to the following 6 interconected, short and highly illustrated articles

I would like to offer the following crown cap sets from Serbia and ex-YU countries:

14 caps no more in circulation


20 caps, set #1 plus 6 regulars


25 caps, set #2 plus 5 from 2021


30 caps, set #3 plus 5 craft beers

Bulk set, 98 caps with duplicates


10 craft beer caps


Jelen, base set

Jelen, giveaways

Jelen, second decade of 21. ct.


Lav, base set








Zaječarsko 2012-2021

Bulk+ set

radler set

Foreign brands bottled in Serbia

individual sale
€1 - 4 each

set of unused

€1 - 1.5 each

€1 - 3 each

big size
€2 each

Egyptian Stella

champagne caps
€1.5 each

dundulis set

women and robots

Jelen 2003-2015, different FS
€1 - 2 each

Zaječarsko 2020-2021, different FS, darker color
€0.5 for set of 2


Set #1: 14 caps no more in circulation, €13

The first one was in circulation from 2006. (a slight variation from 2003. when deer was introduced on the cap) till 2009. when it was replaced by the golden one. Two red ones with a deer are special edition for 2008. giveaway "Sad ili nikad" (Now or never), while the other red one was for South African football cup in 2010. Yellow "Jelenizacija" was a giveaway in 2009. and "SAKUPI KODOVE" is from 2014. "Jelen svetlo pivo" is from 2016, it ends the period of having a deer on the cap. Year 2017. introduced new cap color - yellow, and giveaway "POGLEDAJ ISPOD" (Look under the cap). 2018. was the year of FIFA World (football) Cup and its giveaway.
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Set #2: 20 caps, first 14 no more in circulation, plus 6 regular ones, €15

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Set #3: 25 caps, first 14 no more in circulation, 6 regular ones, plus 5 latest ones (2021), €16.5

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Set #4: 30 caps, first 14 no more in circulation, 6 regular ones, 5 latest ones (2021), plus most important craft beer caps: Kabinet, Tron, Crow, Dogma (In Hops We Believe), and Salto. €21

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Set #5 (Bulk set with duplicates and craft beers): 98 caps, first 3 rows of 5 are the most prominent Serbian beer brands (Jelen, Zaječarsko and Lav) followed by previous years Jelen and Zaječarsko caps, and Lav Premium. Nikšicko is Montenigrin beer but bottled in Serbia (as are Laško, Slovenian beer, Staropramen ("S"), Lowenbrau, and Branik, Czech beers). Then there are other versions of Zaječarsko (green for Special, and black for dark beer). There is also a commemorative Zaječarsko 125 years, and the latest one (Zajedničko je Zaječarsko). You are also getting 3 most important craft beer caps: Salto, Kabinet and Crow. A variety of smaller brands as Apatinsko, Valjevsko (old and new) are in the set as well. Featured is also Jelen Chill. Cortes, Heineken, and Carlsberg are the most presented foreign brands here in Serbia, while Le Coq, Smirnoff and Somersby are popular alcoholic drinks (for only beer cap collectors they can be replaced with Kronenbourg 1664 and Corona Extra). €24

Set #6: 10 craft beer caps: Major Serbian craft beer crown caps before pandemic, most of them now hard to find. Dogma ("In hops we believe") now sells mostly as draft and cans, Kabinet has plain black cap. Set is €10, or €0.85 each cap of the first row, €1.25 each cap of the second row

Set #7: Jelen beer, base set, caps from the first decade of the 21. century, namely from 2006, 2009, and 2008. Read more. €2.5

Set #8: Jelen beer giveaways from 2009, 2010, 2014, and 2018. Read more. €3.5

Set #9: Jelen beer caps from 2009, 2016, and 2017. (2 caps). Read more. €3.5

Set #10: Lav beer caps from 2010, 2012, 2016, 2017 (2 caps), and 2019. Read more. €4.5

Set #11: Montenegro set of 1 craft beer, and 2 contemporary. €2.5

Set #12: Macedonia set of 2 contemporary caps, but not easy to get due to lack of collectors there. €2

Set #13: Bosnia set of 7 contemporary caps, but not easy to get due to lack of collectors there. €5.5

Set #14: Ex-YU set of 16 contemporary caps, but not easy to get due to lack of collectors there. First row is Montenegro (except the second cap, which is Niško, south Serbia), second Macedonia (except the last cap, which the latest cap from Bosnia), third Croatia and Slovenia, and last two rows are Bosnian caps. You can find more on the caps on CCI catalogue. €11

Set #15: Zaječarsko set 2012-2021. Photo is not current, old cap for dark beer (last in the first row) is now in perfect condition, while in the photo it was sligtly rusted. You can find more on the caps here. €7

Bulk+ set contains caps from 14 major Serbian beers. Top shelf are 3 each older Jelen beer caps and 3 major craft beer types, folowed by latest caps of special beers.You can find more on the caps here. €35

Make your own set from my duplicates, circle with thick yellow pen caps you are interested in, and send me those photos, and I will make you an offer:

Serbian / Bosnian radler set (Lav Twist 2019. and 2017, Nektar Lemon and Grapefruit 2021) €3.5:

Foreign brands bottled in Serbia, and are as such listed in CC.I as Serbian or Multiple countries caps (only Carlsberg). First row is produced in Heineken's Zaječar brewery, second in Carlsberg's Celarevo brewery, and the rest in Molson Coors' Apatin Brewery. The first Amstel cap is from non-returnable 0.33l bottle, and the second from 0.5l bottle. The first Staropramen is from 2018, and is out of circulation, the second is current, from 2020. Branik, Beck's, Stella Artois, and Bavaria are also produced and bottled in Apatin Brewery. Set price is €6:

Individual sale, only one of each available, €1 - 4 each (first row €1, other rows €1.5 - 2.5, last €3 - 3.5):

Set of unused caps, first 7 are hard to get craft beer caps, the last one is iconic BG beer (the last of now defunkt BIP - Belgrade beer industry), €10:

Slovenia, €1 - 1.5 each:

Croatia, €1 - 3 each:

big size (0.75 l), €2 each:

champagne caps, €1.5 each:

dundulis set, €4.5:

women and robots, €2:

Jelen 2003-2015, different FS (read more), €1 - 2 each:

Zaječarsko 2020-2021, different FS, darker color, €0.5 for set of 2:

Preferred currency for PayPal payment is Euro. International postage is €4.5 for up to 20 caps, €5.5 for 21 - 40 caps, and €6.5 for 41 - 100 caps. Domestic postage is 100 - 165 (120 for 21 - 100 caps) dinars. I am accepting your orders sent to, or

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